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Where Do We Plant?

Our tree planting happens in different places around the world. Our main planting locations are found in Colombia. The reason of this choice is based on the story we shared in our first children book, The Adventures of Pili in New York

We also plant in the following countries with the support of our local partner organizations:

  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Australia
  • California
  • Canada - British Columbia
  • Ethiopia

When you buy our planting options, we decide where to place your trees so we can fill larger planting areas we are working on. If you want to be able to select where your trees are planted, you need to purchase our Global Tree Planting Ambassador option, which allows you to plant 8 or 20 trees. 

All our planting efforts are geo-referenced and a detailed record is kept. Our planting areas display a The Adventures of Pili Restored Area sign.