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Our mission at The Adventures of Pili is to create bilingual children books and other educational products and projects that increase children’s awareness of global environmental issues and foster multi-lingual literacy.

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We create watercolor illustrated books and other educational tools that respond to the current call to educate children who are comfortable facing global challenges. Global readiness is about understanding interdependencies and connections, feeling comfortable with differences and speaking languages other than our own. Through delightful adventures around the world, our books tackle the concepts of peace and global readiness, cultural diversity and empowerment, entrepreneurship and environmental conservation. In 2019 we distributed 5,000 free bilingual books in remote communities around the world

In 2020, Kike Calvo, award-winning photographer, journalist, and author focused on culture and environment, received a Safina Center Fellowship to accelerate the project The Adventures of Pili with the goal of creating exceptional transformative work. Safina Center Fellows Program helps support a small group of hand-picked distinctive thought leaders. 

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